Doors & Closures

High quality finished product

Our extensive technical experience with assembly lines covers a complete range of joining technologies which guarantee the demands of such complex parts and of the end product.

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Structural assemblies and reinforcements

Robust and reliable

Our extensive experience in different types of structural assemblies and reinforcements means we can offer manufacturing processes adapted to the complexity of the different geometries and with various materials.

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Definition of tools and process

Our engineering and arc welding expertise enables us to offer the best solution, both in terms of defining the welding process and defining the tools.

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Railway Cars

Large dimensions, high quality.

A benchmark in this field, thanks to our extensive experience, we offer automated solutions providing for reduced costs and times, whilst guaranteeing high quality.

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Extremely well devised automation solutions

  • Investment optimisation.
  • Reduced manufacturing costs.
  • Improved operating efficiency.
  • Improved product and part quality.

Our present customers

Mercedes Benz
CIE Automotive

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