Our success lies in our flexibility, reliability and excellent management system.

International presence to provide local services.

We accompany you in your international growth.
Our response capacity is now more efficient and faster given our well-established position in NAFTA and European markets.

We adapt our solution to your reality.

We provide tailor-made, flexible solutions. We boast extensive technical experience which is enhanced by a creative focus with a view towards always finding the best process solution to meet your needs, expectations and requirements.

We are able to solve problems easier based on virtualisation.

Our virtual design validation of tests and commissioning will reduce the realisation time and investment of your project in general, solving future problems before they actually arise.

We make our own state-of-the-art technology available to you.

Our main activity involves assembling and joining materials and parts. Our patented assembly technologies for vehicle doors & closures guarantee maximum quality.

We offer comprehensive solutions with the highest quality and process standards.

As integrators, together with our partners, we can offer you comprehensive solutions ranging from parts stamping tools to final assembly. From the initial concept to the finished product.

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Our mission

We provide our customers with competitive engineering solutions, endeavouring to ensure your long-term satisfaction.

Our vision

To be a consolidated benchmark in the European and Nafta markets, offering comprehensive solutions to our customers, innovating both, products and services.


We are owners and protagonists.

Social and Environmental Responsability

We endeavour to provide fair distribution of the wealth and towards our implication in the community and the protection of the environment, choosing the most suitable and environmentally friendly materials.


We are a solid, management-committed team.


Permanent renewal is part of our DNA and given priority.


From stamping to assembly by high-standing partners.


Matrici provides, based in it´s more than 50 years of experience and knowledge, global tooling solutions for complex skin components for the automotive industry, from engineering, design, manufacture to try-out.


Since 1963, BATZ has become a European leader in the design and manufacture of stamping dies for all range of parts in cold and hotforming, with large experience in advanced materials as boron steel or new generation of aluminum, offering a comprehensive service that ranges from the conceptual design of the product to its try out and commissioning.

MONDRAGON Corporation

We are part of the Automotion Division of the MONDRAGON Corporation, the largest industrial cooperative in the world.

A business provider who can be trusted.


people involved in this project.

13,000 in the Automotion Division.


companies working extensively in 4 areas.


production subsidiaries and 7 corporate delegations.

61 in the Automotion Division.


Its own university and 15 innovation centres to support us and promote talent.

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